Environmental Friendly

Treated wood is an environmentally friendly material. When you select CCA treated wood you not only build projects that last, you invest in the conservation of our forest resources.

Long lasting & Durable

Treated woods are long lasting and durable and will last for decades, even in harsh outdoor exposures.

Protection from Termites & Insects

Treated woods preservative is an effective fungicide and termiticide providing protection from a broad spectrum of decay fungi & wood boring insects.

Great Appearance

New Zealand Radiata is renowned for its attractive grain and colouring. The heartwood of radiata pine is an even light brown to chestnut brown in colour, the sapwood is creamy white


New Zealand Pine is a natural wood product from a renewable source


Dimensional stability is an important wood property. New Zealand Radiata Pine has low shrinkage which largely contributes to it’s stability


The strength of New Zealand pine compares favourably with that of most traditional construction lumber species


The timber is easily treated for all Hazard Class applications

LOSP Treatment

Light Organic Solvent Preservative commonly referred to as “L.O.S.P” is a proven formulation designed to provide lasting protection for wood products used in internal situations and externally only if above ground and properly painted – Hazard level 3.1.

LOSP contains a combination of propiconazole and tebuconazole for protection against fungal decay and Permethrin to provide lasting protection from termites and other wood boring insects.

The water repellent resin and wax system included in the formulation retards the rate at which water is absorbed by the timber during construction. This enhance dimensional stability.

Ideal for engineered products such as finger-jointed mouldings and products where the natural appearance is required due to colourless nature of LOSP.

CCA Treatment

Proven to Last
CCA pressure treated wood will last for decades, even in harsh outdoor exposures.

Independent tests conducted around the world over the last 70 years confirm that properly treated CCA treated wood is a durable outdoor product.

100% penetration through the timber.