Two names have become by-words in the wood flooring industry. JME Supreme International and Western Wood Flooring. JME Supreme, in fact, is the only company in the country to become a member of the Notional Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) of the United States. This means that JME is exclusively a wood flooring firm focused on providing the best products and services in this field.

JME Supreme International, lnc was established in 1985 as an import and export trading corporation and has extensive distributorship of various products mostly associated with the forestry industry.

In 1989 until early 1990, the company was directly importing solid wood hardwood floorings, particularly T&G, from lumber and flooring manufacturers in North America.

In just two years, it had tapped sources from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Russia and other countries. The company went into other major floorings and materials, expanding its solid hardwood into engineered hardwood and HDF laminated floorings.

It carries a complete range of accessories like transition, adaptation, nosing, end profiles, skirting / baseboard, stair threads, including materials in the surface coating like sanding / sealer, staining and top-coating urethane.

The company has been recruiting and training installers since 1980. JME Supreme employs only experienced floor installers. At present, JME Supreme has full time 24 crew-installers, most of who have been with the company since 1985. There are also full time sub-contractor-installers.

The firm has done residential houses, commercial stores, hotels and hotel-oriented villas, restaurants, private and public offices, condominium buildings and townhouses. and sports facilities.

The company’s service jobs cover areas 10m2 to OVER 50,000 square meters. JME Supreme is able to sustain the pre-post-and-after-sales services for clients, dealers and outlets by maintaining its own inventory of all flooring materials and accessories.

In early 2005, JME Supreme formed a subsidiary, Western Wood Flooring Co., and established upstage high-end showrooms. The main showroom is located at Westgate Alabang Home Depot.