The performance of a sports floor is based on the interaction between the floor surface and a resilient sub-construction. The demands of the ultimate floor depend on the sport played. At KTL every step of the process-of-creation has been optimized to deliver the ideal floor performances, suitable for athletes in most indoor sports, and our solutions reflect this

  • KTL SPORTS FLOORING is made of solid hardwood boards, designated as Area Elastic Floors, providing optimum balance and stability.
  • Designed to provide optimum shock absorbency and resilience to athletes.
  • Perfected for fast ball games like basketball due to the high ball bounce level.
  • Processed to ensure optimum friction features, thus minimizing sport injuries.
  • Features heavy duty loading capacities way beyond the demands by the athletes.


  • Single batten system with medium shock absorbency and resilience.
  • Comply with EN 14904, Class A3.
  • Floating installation directly over any level sub-floor material incl. Wood or Synthetic system.
  • 52mm total construction height with fast and easy installation system – our most economical and cost effective system.
  • Built-in progressive shock absorbency giving resilience at low impacts and increased stability at higher loads.
  • Two batten distances available. Distance to be used is determined by floor, wood specie and loading capacity.